Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Something of great importance to me happened two nights ago

Jennifer is hosting Write on Wednesdays this week and our prompt is a line (above) from Alex Miller's "Autumn Laing". So the challenge is "Set your timer for 5 minutes or write about 500 words. If you’re looking for specific feedback, please let us know. Otherwise – enjoy the writing."
I've done a 5 minute flow of consciousness, not quite sure where it came from!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up not knowing the truth about your mother? When you are a shiny smily child you believe that you do know all about her, that she is an angel in heaven (well that is what they told you). But then, when the adults deem the time is right, they tell you their new version of the truth. This, of course, is only their perception, the story that fits best with the reality they live with, the truth that they believe to be the right thing to say. What do you say to a teen who thinks their mother is dead?
“Your mother had some problems”, they said, “she was never the same after what happened, she just couldn’t cope, so she went away”. It never really gelled, it never fitted the photos, the smiling face gazing at a babe in arms.
And then the years of wondering, the watching of faces in crowds for a glimmer of familiarity. Somehow I thought I would “ just know” when she was near me, but that feeling never came. With the arrival of my own child, her absence was more acute, more poignant and more painful. How to be a mother-less mother?

And then, just two nights ago, there was a knock at my door.


  1. Oh very clever! I do like the way you used the prompt at the very end. So intriguing. But is it the mother for the mother-less mother? I enjoyed this very much and was disappointed it was so short!
    Long Nose Point is a far more appropriate name than Peacock Point - must find out the story. What a beautiful spot to get married.

  2. I really like the beginning and the very end of your piece the best. I loved the style of the writing, and I would really like to know what happens next!

  3. Relly well written - I want to know what DID happen - great use of the prompt!

  4. I concur with Jennifer: excellent use of the prompt at the end of the piece. It keeps the intrigue high and makes the reader want to come back for more: was it or was it not the mother that knocked on the door two nights ago?

  5. Hi Kate - I got in touch with one of the other WoWers and she confirmed that she cant access Gills blog either - she also said that the WoW FB page had gone.

    No idea what's happened but I will email Gill again just to wish her well.

    Maybe if either of us stumble across a similar type of blog we could let the other know?


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