Friday, 9 December 2011

Glorious Luang Prabang

washing day for the monks

I loved reading Jennifer’s post about Elephant riding in Luang Prabang, Laos. This is my favourite place in the world, having discovered it 2 years ago. We had a glorious week there and I long to return. Sadly, the Western World will change it, and as with many Indochinese countries, this will happen quickly. A saving grace for Luang Prabang, though, despite its International airport, is its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage protected list .

So, back to the Elephants – we too went elephant riding and whilst I adored the elephants, such sage creatures, I missed out on Jennifer’s joy. My overwhelming emotion was terror, not of interacting with these magnificent creatures, but of being up on top of them. I had an uncontrollable sense that I would fall off (and my son and I were on the big one!). The children, of course, thought this was hysterically funny, which was good really, as it did help me loosen up, except for my arm muscles which were clamped tightly to the seat.

me looking calmer than I felt  - check out the mahout texting as we ride!

The others were brave enough to ride on the neck of the elephant and were charmed by the way it wrapped its ears around their legs to hold them steady when going downhill.

Hang on!
 Another highlight of the stay was the morning procession of monks accepting alms. A very peaceful, gentle morning ritual. As I write this and look through my photos, yet again, I yearn to return.
The morning procession of monks

Ricketty bridge - did I really walk over this?

Utopia - an aptly named cafe/bar/restaurant on bamboo platforms up above the  river


  1. Oh, what a shame! I felt so much more comfortable sitting on the elephant than on the seat, it didn't feel that stable. Our mahout was texting too, they're so relaxed on the elephants.
    Luang Prabang is very special & I agree it's going to change quickly, I'll be going back soon.

  2. Dropping in to say hi... oh a holiday sounds wonderful - with or without elephants.
    Maybe I will get there someday?


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