Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The beached tree

First Write on Wednesday for 2012 and I'm feeling a bit rusty! I did manage to get a few pieces written over the holidays, you can scroll to these on my blog if you like.
Thankyou Gill for your ongoing hosting, support and inspiration for WoW.

from Story

As he gazed at the tree he wondered at the majesty and strength of nature. How could this massive tree, have just appeared, stricken and lifeless, on the beach? He turned and gazed toward the horizon as thoughts of storms, waves and the boat trip swelled back into his consciousness. The breeze rising, her face slid unbidden into his mind as he felt the gentle kiss linger on his cheek.

The idea of a weekend away had been hers, a time for them to take a breath from the shop and her studies. The cabin had been perfect, they’d slept and laughed and loved. Weather checked, the grizzled sea dog had reassured them that it was the right day and that to leave it any longer would be risking missing out completely. So off they sailed into the bay, to find the legendary lover’s beach.

And stunning it had been, just as they had been told. As they drowsed under the palms, he realised gradually that something had changed, that the birds had quietened. He stretched and stood looking seaward, and saw the gathering threat. Waking her quickly, he grabbed her by the hand as they raced to their craft and set the engine roaring. The waves mounted and the walls of water became harder to scale. Their faces pale and pinched, the wind whipped their hair slickly against their greening skin. And then it came – the monster wave to which he had forfeited all. One moment, one dreadful moment, and she was gone.

And as he looked back to the tree, battered, beached and powerless, he understood how it come to be so.


  1. What a touching piece. It gave me chills. I feel so much for the main character, and you so seamlessly blended the tree and his heartache into one. Love it!

  2. Haunting, sad and powerful. Great use of the prompt.

  3. Oh no!! That's so sad. Could he find her again, safe and sound on a deserted island? I'm all for Hollywood endings;) Lovely piece. I was so there with him, feeling the fear and the wave and the feeling of panic. Beautiful piece.

  4. What an imaginative take on the prompt, Kate. A whole story here, love the layers and depth to your piece. The detail "the birds had quietened" was well done, it really gave me chills. There is something Tim Winton-ish about your writing stylein this, the nature, the darkness, the sadness. I think you did very well, even though you claim to be rusty!

  5. nice writing, spring... thanks for sharing.



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