Sunday, 13 November 2011

Five Sentence Fiction - Delectable!

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As a cat-lover, this one came to mind this week - light and fluffy !!

Fred had been looking forward to it since breakfast – a day spent lolling around had only added to his feline gustatory expectations.  His Mum had taken to buying him treats since Fluff had gone to the scratching post in the sky, and he guessed she was feeling sad and maybe a little guilty.
As he stretched his paws  in an impressive yoga move he rewound the memory – the bang of the front door, the Lexus flying out of the driveway backwards, the screech and ominous crunch.
Here she comes, he thought, as he leapt up expectantly to see her lay the bowl gently at his feet.  He inhaled the aroma briefly, before tucking in blissfully, savouring the jellied fish mousse and licking his chops  - “Thanks Mum, that was delectable”!


  1. Cute! Except the Lexus bit - but, if you had to get run over by a car, it may as well be a Lexus!

    Well done!

  2. no idea where the Lexus came from, don't drive one, don't want one...?

  3. I absolutely love this! Animals are the best :)

    'As he stretched his paws in an impressive yoga move he rewound the memory' - I can see Fred doing this, thinking about his day, lol. Great line!

  4. Exactly the kind of thing that I imagine might be going on inside a cats head. Love this :)


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