Monday, 7 November 2011

We are learning to make fire

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 23 - Write the words of Margaret Atwood at the top of your page "We are learning to make fire". Set your timer to 5 minutes. Write the first words that come into your head after the prompt. Stop when the buzzer rings.

“And then we will learn to put it out” declared Sid, the new OH and S officer, as he confidently piled papers high. “Fire training is compulsory, you know”.

Snickers in the back row  - “sounds like Boy Scouts”, “ nah, Girl Guides” “aren’t we a bit old for that?” as elbows nudged and eyes rolled.

“C’mon guys” sighed Sarah, “you know we have to sign the whole group off or the boss won’t subsidise the Christmas Party, lets just get on with it”.

“OK then Sarah, you can be my helper” Sid smirked as he handed her the matches and beckoned her close. He did like a pretty girl in panty hose. His chest puffed with importance, as he splashed petrol over the papery tower. “Nothing like a fire-starter”.

Sarah hesitated as she opened the box and slid out a match, “are you sure this is safe?”
“I’m the Safety Officer, sweetheart, of course it’s safe” were the last words he uttered as the flames lept skywards.


  1. Wow! Fantastic ending to this piece. So simple, yet the ending said a lot. Great job!

  2. Great plot! What a goose to do that! I would love to hear how this ends....

    You are brave to attempt dialogue - I worry too much about the correct punctuation! Good on you for using it to capture the characters characters!

  3. hahahaha, I love it when tossers get their just deserves :) great job! very funny and realistic :)

  4. Eeeek! I hope Sarah got out of there in one piece! What a doofus Sid was, though. Safety officer, my sweet aunt Fanny! Funny!

  5. I want to slap Sid. What a jerk! Haha. Love it :)

    Also-can I just say I LOVE that you have Nick Cave in your labels widget-one of my favourite singers evah :)

  6. Ugh, boys and their knowledge. This was fantastic!

  7. Fantastic ending. A perfect way to finish off this short story.

    / Rain

  8. Kate, this was well done. You gave us lots of detail, the character emerged quickly and you pulled us in from your very first line. You are a natural writer.

  9. Oh Sid! This is fantastic; I love the simplicity and power behind the final line.


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