Tuesday, 29 November 2011

WoW - Notre Dame de Paris

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 26 - Look at the photo at the top of this post. What does it inspire in you? Set your timer for 5 minutes. With the photo in mind, write the first words that come into your head until the buzzer rings. If you aren't a visual person, you could try lighting a few candles and writing by candlelight. Different sensory experiences can be useful for inspiring creative writing so please play around to make the prompt suit your writing needs. If you do try writing by candlelight, let us know. I'd love to know how it works for you!

Link here for this week's WoW Notre Dame de Paris

I don't know why such a grim story came to mind...

She slid into her head, dredging memories from her past as she gazed at the flickering flames . The thick sandstone walls were cold and still, she shivered slightly and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. The world had changed – what had once been condoned by silence was no longer ignored, but that was of little consolation to her. As she knelt, she wondered why she had – kneeling felt like what she should do in such a place, but prayer would not come to her.

She saw her young self, innocent earnest face above white robes as she followed the holy man, walking in his footsteps and self opened in trust. She fleetingly felt the confusion again, before she closed down the memory.

She stood slowly and turned toward the back of the church. For the last time, she gazed at the beautiful glass windows, bathed in candlelight. She thought of the implications of her next move, of the telling and the consequences. Wondering if she had the courage to go through with it, she knew that she must.


  1. This is terrifying. And well written.

  2. Kate,

    Oh my. I loved the simplicity of it, the sparseness. It's amazing that you can tell a complete story in just a few paragraphs.


  3. I'm filling in so many of my own details here I almost want to write the rest of the story myself! :)

    Amazing how you did that - I wonder if I'm right about what happened and what will happen or if I've got it completely wrong ...

  4. Thanks Sarah, I sort of hope this is not your story, cos it is a bit sad, but strong as well?
    I guess the story is whatever you find it means to you!

  5. Wow, I agree with FC. You told a lot in such a short piece. You have a knack for this, I think. I have noticed it in your writing before. It is strange how our writing can take us to a dark place, even when we don't expect it to.

    I'd love for you to work on an ongoing piece for WoW. You say above that you like comments as they help you to develop your writing. I think you do the short burst of stream of consciousness so well that I'd be interested to see how you go on a continuing piece...Of course, only if you want to...!


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