Thursday, 17 November 2011

WoW - in my neighbourhood

I'm in another city at a conference this week which has been crazy busy, but stimulating and interesting. But I HAD to make time to do my writing!

Her mind was a jungle, a jumble of past and present, of real and imagined.  Living as she did, in her tiny unit on a busy street, life was confusing, to say the least.
She thought of herself as a queen, her throne the bus seat on the main road, her crown a faded carroty halo, roots all grey. People either ignored her, eyed her suspiciously and took wide berth, or (only the very brave ones) said hello.
Some days were orange and filled with irritability, others were blue and quieter. On these days, when the voices were just mumbles, she would sit by the water and keep the seagulls company, smoke in hand.
On orange days, all sorts of chaos could ensue. One day, when the cacophony in her head was all too much, the men in blue had taken her to hospital. Whilst the food was good, it was a bad mad place to be and she had promised to behave if she could just go home.
Now that the nice girl comes and gives her a monthly jab, the noises are mere murmurs, and she can get on with chatting to friendly voices. She may not fit in, but this is her home.


  1. That was great! The expression in the piece was wonderful, and the entire thing felt very tangible and alive. I think your main character has a great personality!

  2. Great piece. I liked the description of the orange and blue days. I hope you continue this story, her journey sounds fascinating.

  3. I love how you use the colors as descriptors. It was a moving, beautifully haunting piece. Anyone could become that woman, she roams streets everywhere. Awesome job!!!

  4. I'm with Lillie; this was haunting and moving and even relatable to some extent (though thankfully there isn't a nice girl to come and give me a jab, haha). This is a great piece; the end is rather sad but completely realistic. I hate how the price of making the pain and the chaos go away is making everything else go away as well.

    I love the part about her throne being her bus seat and her crown being her grey-dyed-orange hair. That was an awesome description.

    / Rain


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